Friday, February 10, 2012

world of music

So people like to ask me about who my vocal inspirations or teachers are.........and who my first voice teacher was.

Sometime I say my mother, Barbara, who would sing me awake in the morning, and sometimes sing me to sleep at nite.

Sometimes I give credit to the one of a kind singer/justice worker  Miriam Makeba - here w/ her band in 1966 in Paris - Introducing the musicians & singing one of my favorites Amampondo.

But was mother nature.

The songs of the birds, the frogs, the wind, the cry of the eagle, the meow of the cat, the rustling of grass, or wheat or leaves, the wailing of a child, a mourning, the sudden laughter bursting from surprised lips, our mumbling, our heartbeats, the crashing of a thunderstorm, the howling of the winter wind.  Some of the most beautiful singing in the world is inspired by and sung in harmony with the music of nature.

Like that of the Baka People of Cameroon / Congo - singing & water drumming

...there is a world of music happening around you - if you tune your ears to it!

Alafia & blessings to you & your mother!