Friday, December 23, 2011

Big Quarters - Party Like A Young Commie

In case you didn't know - I have a long history with Minneapolis Hip Hop.   Over the years I've worked with luminaries such as Atmosphere, Brother Ali, I Self Devine, as well as up & comers like I.B.E. - my musical collaborations with T.C. hip hop artists have spanned more than a decade.

In the past four years i've been developing deeply felt collaborative work with Medium Zach, Zach Bagaason of the grinding Big Quarters' Bagaason brothers. Their third full length release - Party Like A Young Commie - just released in November, 2011 - is their most intricate & live musical project to date.  Soon to be on the road w/ Atmosphere, Kill the Vultures and Mally for the Rhymesayers Welcome to Minnesota tour- Big Quarters has their heads & hearts truly in the game with this one.

Check out videos from the album:

Perfect Match

and Unreal - Live! for City of Music