Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Blog, songs, and questions for the world....

New Blog, new to blogging, so I'll start by posting some music, some questions that i am pondering about the world as it is-and as it will/may be going into the future. In this blog I'll share questions, ideas, experiences, opinions, and music-ways to listen to and access the music that I make.

So I'm including three pieces in this blog.
Two songs that I made with Medium Zach - of Big Quarters in Minneapolis.  Out of the Hole, & Playful Yes are from the EP Do Gooders Blues - our first collaboration.  The other song is called Lost Ones and is part of a soundtrack that I did for a film called Moving in A Mirror, by Joanna Kohler.  Moving in a Mirror is a feature length film that follows a young Israeli peace/anti-occupation activist.  The film takes us with Ronni from youthful idealism to experienced peace worker for positive change in the grisly, heartbreaking and complex reality of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

Our histories are bloody and ugly, inspired and entangled.  There is no easy way, and no one person /nation can determine one way that will be right for the entire world.  We are not always smart, even when we are intelligent.  And we are often very fearful of what is unfamiliar.  With the specter of nuclear disaster, worldwide warfare, international corporate takeover, and the serious divisions between the possessed and those without possessions....how do we proceed?

How do we support political systems that seem to lead us always in the directions of war, conflict, power hoarding, and short-term gain?
How do we come together given historical prejudice, class conflict, entrenched lifestyle entitlement, and draining earth resources?
What are our points of light?

Enjoy the music - I look forward to the conversations.....

Mankwe - songmaker

Out of the Hole

Playful Yes

Lost Ones